About Us

You will find us nestled in the heart of Te Rapa, Hamilton, offering plenty choices for all occasions and tastes.

What Is The Local Te Rapa?

The Local Te Rapa was born of a need to show its visitors a great time by offering them good food, great music, and a chance to make memories. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best food made from fresh local produce and drinks for people of all ages. Our mission is to show you an unforgettable time through our weekly events, as well as to be the venue for your next big function.

What You Can Trust Us To Do...

At The Local Te Rapa, we want to bring you the best of New Zealand and whether it be after work drinks, or weekend dinner with the friends, we want to make sure that you keep coming back for more!

Too busy to dine in? 
No worries!

We offer online ordering services and take-away. So either give us a call, or just head on over to our online order page where all your favourite food is just one click away.

Join Our Team


The Local Terapa

We are the local Bar and Tavern at Hamilton. 

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